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At ALFADAN, we have created a proprietary, marine-specific outboard engine design that will revolutionize the boating industry.

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Better performance with fewer engines

More engines on the back of a boat increases the weight, which causes more drag, which affects performance and increases fuel consumption. Alfadan’s engines reduce the number of outboard engines that a boat needs.



Combined Engine
Weight Reduction


Increase in Fuel


Maintenance Cost

We're designing a new type of i4 engine

The i4 design has historically been limited in displacement due to an inherent design problem referred to as a secondary imbalance.

ALFADAN has solved this design problem with a patented re-design of the i4 drive train, allowing ALFADAN to produce the very first high displacement inline four-cylinder engine.


Our engines deliver 2x more power

We believe our design will allow any boat ranging from 35 to 75 feet in length to be powered with a simple twin or triple engine concept versus the four to six engine concepts currently used.

Current development stage

Working closely with our manufacturer, we have completed our feasibility study, proof of concept. Once they have been tested and stressed we can begin the manufacturing and sales process.


We have also finished a two-cylinder 30 HP prototype to prove the performance, reliability, and efficiency of the proprietary i4 drive train.

Contract with 
Mahle Powertrain

We are currently under contract with Mahle Powertrain for engineering, development testing, and manufacturing of the i4 engine


We have also secured relationships with manufacturers of all specific additional sub-assemblies.

We're making sure it's easy to service

The ALFADAN service model

All of our initial investment resources will be applied to the development of our flagship product, the A654. This engine will be the basis for all other future engines.

Our service concept

Any future engine designed by our company will use the same parts as the A654, making complicated service a thing of the past.

Self-service kits

We plan to provide our customers with a waterproof sealed case that will include all the parts needed to service their ALFADAN engines with simple to follow videos.

Parts will always be on-
board when you need them

All of our parts will be available online allowing the service kit to be easily replenished.


A market forecasted to post a CAGR of 5% by 2027

We're excited to be building a product in an expanding market.


Outboard Engine Market

As of 2020 the outboard engine market size was valued at $9.1B and is expected to grow to $13B by 2027.

Proudly made in the USA

We're planning to produce our engines in the USA. So your investment will not only support a US company but help support manufacturing jobs here in the US.

Invest in an innovative,
USA based company

With your help, we plan to further develop our product line and make sure that when we arrive at market, we take the industry by storm.

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